My New Chapter, My Next Step

Hey Everyone–

Odds are that if you’re reading this you probably keep up with my blog, or you just clicked on the article at random. Anyways, whatever the case may be, thank you for supporting, taking interest in, and reading Knowing that there are so many people that share a passion for sports makes me oh so happy.

Creating this blog has been just one step in my journey of chasing my dreams. It has allowed me to share what I love with all of you and to grow as a writer, reporter, and lover of sports. (Not to mention it has been a lot of fun)

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As some of you may know… I am beyond excited for my next chapter at The University of Florida, a top 10 public university. I am eager to learn, to make my mark, and to eventually find my place in the exciting and enormous career world of college sports. Things will be getting quite busy for me as I transition into my next chapter. My posts may be few and far between, be sure to follow me on social media to see what I am up to at UF. I will do my best to keep updated.

Maddie Grad

A special thank you to my family for the constant encouragement that they have given me while I pursue my goals.

Dream Big and Go Gators!

— Maddie

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