Boring Bowls

Just like that another football season is coming to an end and a new, well maybe new, national champion will be crowned. Alabama will be competing to become back to back National Champions in what some may call an all too familiar matchup. During the past four College Football Playoffs Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide and Dabo Swinney’s Tigers have faced each other.


It’s no surprise that when the commitee released its selection of the final four teams for the playoffs there was a lot of debate. Did they make the correct decision? Maybe, maybe not. We all have our own opinions, but there are a couple things that are certain.

  1. Clemson vs. Notre Dame was not an exciting game. After the first quarter, it was clear the Tigers were going to dominate. Clemson won 30-3.
  2. Oklahoma vs. Alabama was, also, not all that exciting, or at least the first half wasn’t. At halftime the Tide led 31-10. The Sooners did manage to come out after the half and score some points. However, Saban and his team still came out with the win, 45-34.

Aren’t playoff games supposed to be close? Aren’t they supposed to feature the best college football teams in the country? A lot of fans questioned the committee after the Cotton and Orange Bowl performances. Many arguing that Georgia should have been given the number four spot or, at the time, undefeated UCF.

Both Georgia and UCF’s bowl game results seemed to quiet the Playoff Committee’s critics.

The Dawgs were down 20-7 at halftime to underdog, Texas in the Sugar Bowl. Many predicted a convincing win from Kirby Smart and Georgia, however this was not the case. They lost 28-21.

Image result for georgia vs texas football
Photo via SportingNews

The UCF vs. LSU matchup was a must win game for the Knights to even be considered one of the “big boys”. LSU came to play and definitley displayed the physicality of the SEC. They handed UCF a loss and walked away with a 40-32 win.

Image result for lsu vs ucf
Photo via

The Fiesta and Sugar Bowl, along with a few more, did not quite provide the evidence many fans were looking for to encourage a change in the College Football Playoffs.

Will the Playoffs ever change? If they do, it won’t be any time soon.



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