Post National Championship Thoughts

Here we are: sitting on our couches, scrolling through the channels, and college football is nowhere to be found. It has been roughly a week since Clemson not only became National Champions, but dominated Alabama.

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Some takeaways from that not so expected performance:

  • Dabo is very close to having himself a dynasty. Its been 10 years since Coach Swinney was named Clemson’s head football coach. A lot has happened since then. Dabo and his team have appeared in all four College Football Playoffs and have walked away with the title twice. Clemson has proved that they are not short of talent and full of depth.
  • Alabama is not ALWAYS perfect. Just recap last Monday night’s game. 44-16. The Tide were completely shut out during the second half. Although this was rare for them, it proves their are weaknesses on every college football team. That includes the Dynasty in Tuscaloosa.
  • Not only was the Championship a statement win, but it was a statement about Clemson’s program. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Take Trevor Lawrence for example. He’s just a Freshman and is now walking around with a big, shiny ring. Lawrence is young and still has time to grow. Imagine this program with an even more developed Trevor Lawrence. Odds are this is not the last time we will see Dabo and his team in the College Football Playoffs.
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  • The announcement of Jalen Hurts entering the transfer portal was really no surprise, but would it have occurred if Alabama walked away with the title? Who knows. However, one thing is for sure. Whoever lands Hurts is getting an immense amount of talent. Although this was not the news Tide fans wanted, it should not be too much of a worry for them. Coach Saban has enough talent on his roster and experience on his coaching staff to deal with pretty much any transfer.


As for right now– sit back, watch some basketball, anticipate baseball season, and don’t remind yourself that we have nearly 8 months until another college football season.

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